boy on a beachOne of the key issues parents face when newly separating is not knowing where to turn for the right specialist help and support. Too often there is a temptation for one or both parents to rush straight into the traditional confrontational legal system as emotions run high and trust is breaking down.

The fact that you are reading this tells us that you want to find an amicable and practical solution when it comes to the arrangements for your children – which is both an admirable and a sensible start.

Who We Are

The Co-Parenting Clinic® comprises two ethically aligned services:  Kids Come First and Children in the Middle.

Between us we have many years of tried and tested experience.

What We Offer

Our aim is to work with you to arrive at an amicable solution which is tailored to meet the needs of your unique family. We can work with one parent or both parents.

We do this through our combined service offering expert legal advice to each parent from their own barrister at Children in the Middle, as well as specialist co-parenting support and guidance from Kids Come First.

 The types of disagreements we can help you with are:

  • Sorting out the amount of time your child spends with one or both of you
  • Establishing the pattern of care for the children between their parents
  • Deciding which school your child attends
  • Issues regarding your child’s name
  • Transport arrangements between houses

We believe prevention is better than cure when attempting to resolve family matters. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and issues that may seem insurmountable rarely are. With the right expert guidance, problems can be addressed early, rather than being allowed to fester and grow in significance, leading to unnecessary inflamed and damaging conflict.

The main benefits of our approach are:

  • Avoiding the stress and acrimony of increased conflict through the legal system
  • Engaging in a collaborative process which is far less expensive and time-consuming than court proceedings
  • Parents accessing expert legal advice and co-parenting guidance
  • Parents and their children are reassured through our positive co-parenting model

Mum hugging childHow We Achieve This

The Co-Parenting Clinic® offers a 2 step advice service:

Step 1

Providing that both parents engage with Step 1 you may then choose to progress to Step 2

Step 2

  • Both parents negotiate their specific agreement with the help of their own independent barrister from Children in the Middle
  • Both parents attend a joint co-parenting workshop at Kids Come First
  • Your agreement can be drawn up by your barristers into a parenting plan document or a consent order

Note that if after completing Step 1, we believe a more bespoke Step 2 will help you and your family, we will advise you of our recommendations.

The Co-Parenting Clinic® also has a network of skilled experts such as independent social workers, therapists and divorce coaches. Everyone in our collaborative network has an excellent working knowledge of differing family dynamics and children’s issues so we can signpost and refer you to the right professionals to assist you and your children in the most positive way.

We offer a holistic service to you and your family.

Next Steps

We will not rush you, we will work with you at your pace and respect your timescales.

We acknowledge that separation can be an incredibly stressful and difficult event and you may need some time to process this experience. However, many parents find it beneficial to seek some advice at the earliest opportunity, especially if they intend to work collaboratively in their children’s interests.

We will recommend what we believe to be the best expert assistance for you and your family at the time you need it most.

We operate remotely, so we can help you wherever you live, as long as your child lives in England and Wales.

Contact us to find out more about our services or set up an appointment.